Moldeo JS with Angular 8
latest updates with new examples, new plugins, upgraded moldeo js core

Finally and gladly i've managed to upgrade Moldeo JS version with Angular 8! Playing with nice stuff like p5.js, ml5.js, opencv.js.

In this article i will explain some of the cool stuff we are working in, including IA integration, and sound and music creation plugins.

The difficult part was to identify the challenges and the real possibilities of Angular language in conjunction with javascript tools as Three.js.

What i really liked about Angular is the nice combination of structured and flexible scripting programming styles. Typed like language to avoid inconsistencies where is needed, reminding me of C++, nice object oriented programming ideal for plugins modularity, and also the dirty old Javascript to experiment with functional and rapid script development.

I will post in this link the github repository you can download and compile yourself.

Moldeo JS GIthub :

Also a link to check an online experimental demo:

Moldeo JS Online Experimental Demo:

Check them out.

Update (2021): Moldeo JS is now using Angular 11.0 !

JSFeat en MoldeoJS ¿OpenCV en JavaScript?
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